Welcomed like Magi!


A wonderful team, led by Mike Mobley, had concocted a bold, varied and dense program for the JC2033 Swiss Team. They prepared the ground for us, as if we were VIPs. They have housed us, nourished us and richly blessed us. For this trip, Daniel Gonvers and Aurore Girardet accompanied Olivier Fleury on this journey.

Phoenix in Arizona is the 5th largest city in the USA with nearly 5 million people in the greater metro area.  It is about 70km long and 50km wide in a desert valley. In summer, the temperature regularly rises above 40° Celsius with even a record of 50° in June 1990.

On the menu, "meetings" with evocative names such as: "Big Ideas Breakfast", "Grand Canyon University Chaplain Team Coffee", "Strategic 2033 lunch", "First Responders Breakfast" or "Phoenix Christian School Dinner". We again recorded two radio interviews, had a powerful prayer meeting at the "Prayer Pavilion of Light" and a delightful evening with Mike Mobley's house group.

One of the things that struck us was a simple and small tree, an Olive tree to be precise, which was planted in the prayer garden on the "Grand Canyon University" campus with a metal plate at its foot  saying: 

Countdown to 2033 Plaque 2

We could also name all the people who have impacted us by their love for God, for their neighbors and for 2033. However, the list would be too long and we will probably forget several of these purposeful "World Changers".

Certainly, we have to go back to Phoenix soon to harvest what has been sown. This desert seems sterile. It is quite the opposite in fertile hearts.


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