Global 2033: 110 Christian leaders launch a decade of global evangelism


110 Christian Leaders, representing 79 organisations in 22 countries, met in Rome from February 3 to 5 for the Global 2033 Initiative. They were responding to the invitation of Henry Cappello, founder of the Caritas in Veritate Mission and Executive Director of Global 2033. The topic was world evangelization for the decade 2023-2033.

The Day of Pentecost 2023 will mark the first stage, with a meeting in Jerusalem of all the actors of the campaign to launch this decade. It will end on the Day of Pentecost in ten years, the year of the 2000th anniversary of the Death and of the Resurrection of Jesus and therefore the first Pentecost. There is a call for this coming Pentecost Sunday, May 28th, that every Christian will share the Gospel. Subsequently, continent-wide working groups will emerge, as well as larger, more regional prayer gatherings.

The objective is to create a synergy between the different Christian missions, particularly Catholic, but not only, around evangelization by promoting tools such as the Jesus film 1979, translated into more than 2000 languages. The organisers also invited evangelicals. “The atmosphere was simple and very fraternal,” comments David Métreau, Editor-in-Chief of the review Christianity Today and Assistant Director, who attended the event. "It is particularly remarkable to see Catholics inviting evangelicals in all modesty, to share the same vision of evangelization, Bible translation or action with the poor." He further says, "Seeing this fire in these Catholics and how proactive they are, we almost felt jostled in our lukewarmness."

Different leaders presented their mission during these three days, which were also marked by times of praise and Bible sharing. Among evangelical Christians, Damien Boyer and David Métreau presented the Christian-inspired Orawa productions. Nicky Gumbel, promoter of the Alpha course for more than 30 years, presented the association's strategy to arouse young people's interest in the Christian Faith. Beat Baumann, president of the German-speaking Swiss magazine Livenet and International Director of the evangelization movement GO Movement was also present, as well as Olivier Fleury, who coordinates a relatively similar initiative with JC2033. Still on the evangelical side, John Robb, former president of the International Council of Prayer, and representatives of the Bible translation company Seed Company, partner of Wycliffe, had also made the trip to Rome.


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