If there was one single initiative that could exponentially advance the values of JC2033 (unity, witness, and celebration) on our pathway to 2033, it is unifying the date of Easter for all Christians in the world. 


In 2019, the JC2033 vision book by Olivier Fleury (“ So The World May Know“) fell into my hands. I was completely captured by the vision of the grand celebration of the 2000th anniversary of the Resurrection of Christ and wanted to share this vision.


As we journey through Easter together we invite you to live the Jesus Celebration with the help of our meditations, testimonies and events all focused on the resurrection and our unique values of Unity, Witness and Celebration.

The bible is full of stories of ordinary people who become history makers, nobodies called for something greater. Their little acts of love and peacemaking turn into powerful movements. As others start to imitate, it multiplies into an unstoppable wave. Welcome to the JC2033 global Ambassadors Program!

We need millions of people to share this Good News with others. More importantly, we need to gather a big community of people all around the world that have the same DNA, a heart to spread this incredible vision, and to work together to make it happen!