Jesus Celebration 2033

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... the greatest celebration in all of history: 2000 years since Christ's resurrection!

... the worldwide body of believers gathering in all regions of the Earth!

... the Church demonstrating tangible love and sincere unity to the world!

... the dawn of resurrection Sunday 2033, when light breaks forth a new day!

Can you imagine?

JC2033 the vision



Jakarta YLG2016

Kansas 2016


Rev. Dr. S. D. Birdsall

John Glass

O que estão dizendo; citações


O quê, Onde, Quando,

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Quem é Olivier Fleury ?
Após 10 anos trabalhando com artes gráficas até 1995, ele foi primeiro treinado pela JOCUM [...]


After many years consulting with church and missions leaders from all continents [...]

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Association JCFriends

Provided that the vision to celebrate the 2000 years since Jesus’ resurrection takes hold across the planet, the need for greater human resources and finances [...]

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Na noite de 31 de Dezembro e 1999, Olivier Fleury percebeu que nada havia sido organizado interncaionalmente para celebrar os 2000 anos [...]

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Here is the presentation booklet!



Book Jesus Celebration 2033

Nearly 2000 years ago...

Jesus Christ’s resurrection transformed the fate of humanity.

As we approach this historic anniversary, a Swiss family man received a vision for a gigantic commemoration with throngs gathered in every nation of the world. This will undoubtedly be the biggest celebration ever organized in the history of mankind.

A marvelous opportunity for millions around the world to experience the good news: Jesus Christ is truly risen!

Olivier Fleury, the former director of Youth With A Mission, Switzerland, is compelled by this extraordinary vision.

More than twenty years before “D” day, he has embarked upon an international quest to arouse interest and mobilize Christians toward this immense project coined “Jesus Celebration 2033”. This book presents his enthusiastic testimony, full of faith, hope and love.

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