What is Jesus Celebration 2033?

Jesus Celebration 2033 (JC2033) is a worldwide celebration of 2000 years since Jesus’s resurrection, in every nation and every people group at the dawn of Easter morning 2033.

Our vision is that every nation, tribe, people, ethnic group, in every language would hear the Good News of Jesus’s resurrection. That nobody would be left out. What distinguishes 2033 from other Easters is this proclamation of the Good News, the overflowing joy within the believers to share their faith with their neighbours, colleagues, friends, associates and even strangers. The emphasis is outward focused on sharing the immeasurable wealth we have in knowing Jesus.

Why 2033?

The historical significance of Jesus's existence and the fact that he rose from the dead far outweighs the interpretations of measuring time.

Biblical scholars and historians are divided on this matter. It is clearly impossible to know with 100% certainty if Jesus's resurrection took place in the year 33. For the sake of unity and following tradition we have decided upon the symbolic date of 2033.

Just another Christian event?

The bimillennial celebration on Easter 2033 is the culmination of many things. This cannot be seen as simply an event or project, after which we pack up, go home and wait another 1000 years to do it all again. No, all that is to happen before, during and afterwards is intertwined with the actual day of April 17th 2033.

And what if it became an entire season of celebration? Prayer movements, evangelization, teaching of the Word, unifying church movements, mercy ministries, serving communities of all kinds as tangible demonstrations of God's love?

Our wholehearted desire is that these activities would develop in partnership with churches, and existing movements.

We celebrate Easter every year so what’s so special about JC2033?

2000 years! What an anniversary!

When Christians from every corner of the Earth gather to celebrate, they will send out the powerful message: Jesus is alive!

Those transformed by the power of the resurrection are witnesses of God's immense love. This celebration represents the unity and love we have as believers, and the opportunity to make it known to the ends of the world.

Are you implying that Jesus will return in 2033 ?

God is sovereign and He alone knows the date of His return. In no way whatsoever are we associating this jubilee with His return. He will return when the Father in heaven decides and it is not given to us to know when. (Mark 13:32)

What kind of unity are you talking about?

Everybody is welcome. We want a joyful celebration where Christians from all backgrounds and God seekers would feel comfortable to worship and celebrate together. We seek to promote a spiritual unity not a theological unity. We believe in unity in diversity.

How can I be involved?

Through Prayer:

We believe that through prayer we can move mountains. It is in prayer that we become connected with God's Spirit and can receive His affirmation that through Him all things are possible. We welcome and recognize the importance of a prayer covering stretching out over the JC2033 movement. Thank you for praying with us that this emerging vision may take flight revealing the love of God and His transforming resurrection power.

Through Donations:

As of today, we have financial needs for organizing the greatest celebration in all nations. For more information on how to give, please use the “Donations” tab.

Through Promotion:

Presently promoting the JC2033 vision is still "low-key" it is not yet ready to go mainstream. Given the resources available with social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, ... etc.) and examples we have seen with projects going "viral" the greater concern is in having the right timing, God's timing.